Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Mobile HCM- Necessity for Modern Workforce

Establishing the culture of collaboration among the employees is imperative in this ever increasing competitive business environment. Adrenalin HCM on Mobile empowers employees to collaborate with their team from anywhere at anytime. It also helps employees to take action immediately establishing the systematic process at workplace there by reducing time required in doing transactional activities. Adrenalin HCM on Mobile application provides insights about the employees and assists in informed decision making in real time.

In our previous blog we discussed about employee's need to stay informed and have anytime, anywhere access to information. We also discussed about the role mobile applications play by providing a new digital experience to employees and allowing them to put their smartphone devices to more productive use.

In this blog we focus on key features in Adrenalin HCM on Mobile which will help employees to do their work efficiently.


Information Access

Actionable insights is just a Click Away- Analytics

Adrenalin HCM on Mobile allows you to find answers to key questions about your workforce and make informed decisions in real time.
Now you will get insights about your people and understand what's happening with your workforce and why.
Now managers can get insight about average tenure of their team members gender wise, Employee head count OU wise, Joinees and Resignees year wise, Leave planner of the team, Employee Summary of the day etc.
Optimize decision-making with the right insights anytime, anywhere.Drive business strategy today and plan for the future.
Information access any time anywhere

Connect with people by getting information about them in one single place. People Directory feature available in Adrenalin HCM on Mobile helps employees to find other employees within organization.
Employees can enter the employee name or user id number in the people directory and get the employee information like phone number, mobile number, email address, date of joining, location, and designation.
While viewing the employee's details,the users can call / mail the employee by tapping on the phone/ mobile number or the email id.
Inaction to action with Push Notifications

With Push Notification feature in Adrenalin HCM on Mobile, whenever a device receives a push notification, your application's icon and a message will appear in the status bar, you will get notified of messages related to workforce administration even when you are not actively using your application. Push notification empowers you to take decision related to workforce anytime from anywhere.
According to a research, high performers invest in, develop and renew high-quality network relationships. Now you can develop and nurture your relationship within organization by appreciating people on their important life events from your mobile using Adrenalin HCM on Mobile.

In our next blog on Mobile HCM we will share information about features like employee self-service, manager self service, and paperless nomination process which assists your workforce to complete the necessary tasks in time, every time.
Adrenalin HCM on mobile gives your employees freedom to access information and act on it anytime, anywhere making it easier and a quick way to work!
You can access our mobile application via the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Blackberry World and Windows Phone Store. Put your smart phone to productive use!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Go Mobile, Be Smart, Stay Ahead

In a connected world, people want to stay informed and have anytime, anywhere access to information.

Your employees expect access to information and critical tasks. Managers need to manage their people from anywhere. Executives also need real-time data relevant to business in order to take crucial decisions. In order to stay ahead in competitive business environment, there is a need to provide a new digital experience that is real-time and continuous, allowing new levels of collaboration and convenience among the employees. It is imperative to multitask and ensure productivity all the time, even on the go. In this scenario, Mobility plays an enormous role.

According to a renowned research agency, by year 2020, 85% of mobile handset subscribers would select smart phones as their primary phones. It's about time to make the transactional work less time consuming and focus more on things that matter. With Adrenalin's Mobile app, you can perform workforce related tasks from anywhere, anytime, enabling true freedom and cuts the inertia.This is bound to increase productivity and efficiency of your workforce.

We believe, applications must be redesigned and re-imagined for the mobile world..Adrenalin HCM on Mobile is just the right tool. It helps you stay connected to your business, wherever you are and gives you the power to take action from anywhere. The Adrenalin on Mobile app has been optimized to take advantage of everything the mobile has to offer.

Here are a few of the many benefits which your workforce can derive by using Adrenalin HCM on mobile.

Mark Attendance
Mark Attendance Anytime, Anywhere

Experience the new age way to manage the attendance to manage your globally distributed workforce powered with GPS .
Adrenalin HCM on mobile enables you to  experience true mobility, by providing you the convenience of signing-in from anywhere. Our Mobile application ensures that managers always have up-to-the minute information on where their people are.
Apart from Capturing and recording the hours employees work, it also ensures accurate pay process.
Stay on Top of Things - Dashboard

A single view enabling smarter working, efficient and successful decision making. Now, Stay on top of things by having a 360 degree view of what's happening in the organization.Never miss out on the important events in organization, engage with employees get overview of employee celebrations like career anniversary, birthday, and wedding anniversaries. With Dashboard, experience more engagement through rapid action. One can overview the status of team mates present in office depending on their roles. It allows you to work smarter, save time and do more.
Stay Agile / Increase Efficiency - Approvals

Keep the business moving forward without comprising business imperatives and operational policies. Gone are the days when managers had to login from their work stations in order to check the requests sent by the employees, with changing technology and increasing competition one has to take decisions on the go.With Adrenalin HCM on mobile, you can stay agile and approve / reject employee requests from anywhere. Adrenalin HCM on Mobile assures greater accuracy and compliance with organization policies.
Adrenalin HCM on mobile gives your employees freedom to access information and act on it anytime, anywhere making it a easier and a quick way to work!
You can access our mobile application via the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Blackberry World and Windows Phone Store. Put your smart phone to productive use!
Don't forget to read our next blog on how Adrenalin HCM on Mobile empowers you to collaborate with your team from anywhere at anytime and get insights about your people to understand what's happening with your workforce and why.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Concept of social recognition will pick up

Mr.Swaminathan Santhanam, CEO Adrenalin eSystems Ltd 

Swaminathan Santhanam, Chief Executive Officer at Adrenalin, talks about how social recognition will result in more positivity in the organization

Recognition is one of the most understated aspect in the arsenal of HR. Swaminathan Santhanam, Chief Executive Officer at Adrenalin, sheds light on the importance of social recognition, why recognition programs are not having the desired effect, and about Adrenalin's Social Recognition Framework.

Q.Recognition is one of the most understated facet of HR. Why do you think so?
A.Employee recognition programs typically revolve around service longevity, retirement, achievement and outstanding performance and they are mostly rewarded either in the form of gifts, money, gift cards, merchandise or certificates. Organizations budget at least 2 per cent of their payroll on recognition programs. But, these programs are infrequent with limited visibility beyond the employee's manager, department or a business unit. Secondly, longevity rewards can have a negative effect if the performance of the long-term employee is not up to the mark. This can send the message that longevity is valued over creativity. Thirdly, monetary rewards are just functional in nature and are forgotten easily.

While gift cards give the flexibility in award choices, it dissolves in value. What employees need is spontaneous appreciation and value this a lot. The focus should also be on intrinsic motivation and not extrinsically motivated behavior. So, when the organization's reward program is not focused on intrinsic motivation, then there is a challenge in rolling out such programs. That is when these programs become understated. While most of the organizations talk about having a recognition system in place, the failure actually lies in its implementation.

One of the most common flaws that I have come across in rewards and recognition programs is that they mirror job requirements. In other words, the way people are being recognized today is largely aligned to what people are paid to do anyways. While the employees may love it, the effort is not going to be incremental or innovative. Hence, it is not valued much and eventually the program loses steam and dies a natural death. This is one of the reasons why such programs don't have a great impact on the organizations.

Q.How important is it to socially recognize employees?
A.A. When you take a social approach to reward and recognition programs, there are advantages in terms of increased program participation, improved intrinsic motivation and sustained workforce engagement. The Gallup Survey Report of February 2013, surveyed 1.3 million employees and found that organizations with social recognition systems have enjoyed the following benefits: 21 per cent higher productivity, 22 per cent higher profitability, 41 per cent higher quality, 48 per cent fewer safety incidents and 35 per cent reduced taxes.

When an employee exhibits organizational value in front of the customer, he/she don't have to wait for the manager to recognize that. Such recognition can come from anyone. Once such behaviors are recognized publicly,it increases the visibility of the person in the organization, and addresses the psychological need of the person (in terms of recognition) along with giving the emotional connect that the employee looks for. Through the Social Recognition Framework, we try to address the psychological need of the employees that will bring in a culture of appreciation.

Q.Please give some more insights on how the Social Recognition Framework or Adrenalin SMILE works.
A.What we have built here at Adrenalin as a Social Recognition Framework is what we refer to as Adrenalin SMILE. Basically, the idea is to evoke intrinsic motivation to fuel commitment and passion among the employees. This platform uses the approach of a gamification concept. The system uses gamification in the form of rewarding points to build a unique identifier called Adrenalin Quotient (AQ). The employees are encouraged to reward their colleagues with points whenever they spot good behavior, team work or work excellence pertaining to organizational values or other behaviors that the organization wants to encourage. While building the AQ for an employee, the system also provides the option of giving virtual gifts or emoticons to employees. All the recognitions are then compiled in the Smile Corner, which is a profile page where the employee can see his/her rewards and recognition. Employees can earn badges or be part of a unique club by earning more points. Other employees can also post their feedback in the Smile Corner, which again creates visibility.

Eventually, the visibility in the Intranet is taken to the next level when such updates are posted on the company's Facebook or LinkedIn pages. Employees can redeem the points whenever they want to. Such employee recognition program gives a lot of edge for the employees and also promotes the employer brand. In the employee context, it makes the employees feel validated, encouraged and most importantly valued when they know that their hard work is respected. The end result of what we are trying to achieve is a more actively engaged workforce.

Q.Apart from employee engagement and employer branding, what other benefits can organizations leverage from such recognition platforms?
A.The Social Recognition Platforms will impact employee engagement, the manager-employee relationship within the organization and promote a culture of recognition. It results in a positive momentum or vibe that is always present in the organization. It makes the employee conscious of exhibiting positivity and good behavior across the organization so that they become role models.

In Adrenalin, a good aspect of SMILE is that anyone can recognize anyone as there is no hierarchy, which means that there is a level of empowerment within the employee force and hence that eliminates subjectivity. Also, another benefit is employee retention as the environment around the employee is positive allows them the freedom and empowerment in the organization. It also builds trust within the employees and enhances team work. Customer satisfaction scores improve and negative effects like absenteeism are also decreased.

Q.Do you think a framework like SMILE will help in changing the mindsets within organizations?
A.If you look at the current model of recognition, a lot of the programs are time-bound and hence have an effect only for a particular period. With a framework like SMILE, recognition will become a yearlong phenomenon and hence there will be a change in mindset among employees to exhibit positive behavior within the organization and with the customers.

Q.With regards to a company's overall rewards and recognition programs,where do you think social recognition stands currently?
A.Recognition has a lot of priority within organizations, but the issue lies in implementation. It is in this context that the paradigm shift of social recognition becomes a boon for organizations. Today, HR finds it difficult to implement recognition programs as it has subjectivity issues related to it. When you have a simple platforms or frameworks like SMILE, it makes the life of HR much easier and the operations become much more transparent. I believe that the concept of social recognition will pick up from now on. While globally organizations have already tried it out, in India it is still in the nascent stage. But the response from Indian companies has been encouraging.

Monday, 11 May 2015

The need for Social Recognition System

  Mr. Swaminathan Santhanam,
CEO, Adrenalin eSystems Limited
Every organization wants to have motivated and engaged workers. In fact the recent reports from Gallup research cited that only about 13% of organization’s population is engaged worldwide. In other words, only one in eight employees are engaged and are psychologically committed to their jobs and likely to be making positive contributions to their organizations.
To me, this is a huge loss of productivity thereby affecting the credibility of organization in terms of unhappy customers or not able to drive the business results.

The bulk of employees (63%) are “not engaged” meaning they lack motivation and are less likely to invest discretionary efforts in organizational goals and outcomes. 24% are “actively disengaged”, indicating they are unhappy and unproductive at work and liable to spread negativity to customers.
Does this mean that organizations are not engaging employees with rewards & recognition programs? The answer obviously is “yes”. Gartner’s Dec.2013 Study, “Social Employee Recognition Systems reward the business with results”, evaluated the approaches companies are to manage worker performance and inspire greater productivity.

The report cites that organizations spend as much as 2% of their payroll budgets on reward or recognition programs. Despite these investments, these programs are not generally successful. Gartner concludes that the programs have a number of flaws:
  • Infrequency - Without consistent, continual recognition program, business to make their engagement initiatives a visible, tangible aspect of their culture.
  • Focus on longevity - Many reward strategies recognized tenure and this could naturally have a negative impact on the workforce as a whole as seniority will be valued over other important attributes.
  • Fleeting Rewards - - Monetary gifts & other prizes are just not that memorable after the fact. Extrinsic motivations may work to inspire short term efforts, but they want faster commitment and passion that create sustainable results through better engagement efforts.
What is the solution then?
Social recognition: A new & forward looking approach that encourages good behavior and encourages people to live up to organization core values.

Clearly, employee rewards were not effective for many long years; these strategies were all that was out there. A new, forward looking strategy is emerging and it has potential to be next generation.
Social Recognition platforms like, Adrenalin SMILE, evoke intrinsic motivation to fuel sustained commitment and passion. The approach laid out in this platform is based on a gamification concept. It encourages all employees in the organization to reward their colleagues with points whenever they spot a good behavior, team work, Impressive show, Good job and work excellence etc. The system user uses a gamification in the form of rewarding points and builds a unique identifier called “Adrenalin Quotient (AQ)” besides virtual gifts.
These recognition can be in the organizations wall called (Smile Corner). By virtue of earning point, the employees could earn badges or part of unique club. Other employees can come to this wall (Smile Corner) & post their feedback against such recognition's.
This makes the employee feel validated, encouraged and more importantly valued when they know their thoughts and hard work are respected. The end result, is a more actively engaged workforce.
The employees can go on to redeem there earned points from the organization’s e-store for the merchandise of their interest.

By marrying the rewards and a thought process of continual recognition process, organizations can give out extrinsic incentives like gifts from their e-store which can be powerful reinforcement for intrinsic motivation. The important thing is to have a comprehensive strategy that builds passion and commitment, adding lasting meaning to otherwise superficial programs.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Are your employees invisible? How to give your employees a voice?

  Mr. Swaminathan Santham,
CEO, Adrenalin eSystems
In my last blog on Enterprise Social Collaboration series, I was indicating about the benefits of how an employee profile could be a big starting point for organisations to begin their employee engagement programs. We live in a connected world where we are in touch with people constantly, share information with them like never before, whereas knowledge in the workplace often remains in silos or with individuals in their respective locations. This means that when the employee moves to another location or project or leaves the company, the knowledge goes along with him / her. This is a huge drawback for organisations as they are missing out a competitive edge (i.e., the experience and ideas of their employees). In order to maximise the success in workplaces, it is important to have the skill sets and accomplishments in one place and make it visible to the rest of the company.  This is where Employee Profile helps and leaves a starting point for collaboration to begin in the organisation thereby helping to build and execute ideas.

Generally, Human mind wants to hear and be heard.  If this is an emotional need of the people that organisations employ, are we giving the right engagement platform to people that addresses the following:
  • Are people encouraged to share what they know?
  • Are employees empowered with tools that allow them to socialize their experience to benefit the business?
  • How do business leaders share their vision and solicit feedback today?
  • Could the effectiveness of corporate or executive communications be improved?
It is in addressing these challenges, employee profiles becomes a starting point and this can be further strengthened by allowing the employees to build their own internal social network within the organization. In a way, it serves the emotional need of an employee to be visible amongst his / her colleagues. When employees are given a platform to communicate and collaborate, they are able to connect their knowledge with their colleagues and this often gives an opportunity for voices to be heard. Meeting this emotional need of employees increases collaboration, motivates them to perform and more importantly it meets the implied need of “I am heard”.

Here are the top three reasons to implement social network within an organisation:

1.  Internal networks provide a forum for knowledge-sharing. An online network gives employees the opportunity to share key insight and best practices with the rest of the organisation, increasing the reach of that knowledge and inspiring other employees to continue their own development. Ideas are no longer contained to employees’ own silos, but rather spread through the organisation in a way that encourages individuals to expand on that knowledge, work with each other, and heightens employee engagement.

2.   Encourage status and project updates. With online networks, employees can amplify the reach of their accomplishments by broadcasting their wins and achievements on their wall. Even “unsung heroes” can highlight their accomplishments in a public way, allowing managers and peers to have a better understanding of top performers and provide recognition accordingly.

3. They encourage recognition that enforces the right behaviours. Now that accomplishments are in a public space, employees have the opportunity to thank and recognize their teammates for completed goals and wins that contribute to the company’s success, that they may otherwise not have had the chance to call out, inspiring continued performance and increasing employee engagement.

Increasing individual visibility isn’t about bragging – it’s about amplifying your company’s top performers’ experience, knowledge bases, and accomplishments, encouraging collaboration and recognition, which overall increases productivity and employee engagement.


As we have seen above, by introducing Social Networks within an organization can lead to so much benefits. This will be your second step of building an engaged workforce. In my next blog, let us cover how various other solutions in Enterprise Social Collaboration space benefit to employees and organizations.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Employee profiles – Can businesses of all sizes benefit from it?

  Mr. Swaminathan Santham,
CEO, Adrenalin eSystems
We are living in a connected world and for everything that we want, we almost have answers immediately through internet. If internet can do so much for users, the same kind of benefits are not seen in businesses. It is because businesses operate remotely and very often in silos thereby leading to reinventing wheels. In fact MIT study results suggest that “The farther apart we are at the lower probability of communication”. It even pinpoints saying that if people are seated >200 feet apart, they don’t talk. To me, it is a lot of wastage in human productivity.

It is in addressing these challenges, EnterpriseSocial Collaboration is here to stay. Today the organizations which are remotely dispersed do not know “who is who in the zoo?!” or “I know the type of person I need to help me, but...?”. If organizations can take effort to create Employee Profiles as a first step, they can overcome such challenges.

What is employee profiles? - Employee profiles tells the story of each and every member of an organization. And the larger the company, the more important it is that information about an employee’s skills be easily available.

The 3 big benefits of employee profiles:

Understanding why employee profiles are important is the first step towards getting most out of them. Here are a few things to keep in mind about how your business can gain traction by embracing employee profiles that can lead to measurable results.
  • Bring your remote employees together: In a fairly dispersed organization geographically, people do not really know who is on the other side. Also when they work remotely and communicate via emails or telephone, it really does not give a true representation of their personality. It is important for you to create a platform that can populate profile information of employees automatically and also allow employees to add some personal side of interests as well. This way a person who interacts remotely is able to map a face to the person on the other side. He or she understands the person on the other side
  • Encourage employees to network: When we look at the services like Facebook or Linked In, it will be quite clear how effective people profiles can be when it comes to like-minded people who want to network with each other. In every organization, employees depend on each other to succeed. When a platform is given where employees are allowed to network with each other, they can build a buddy community for themselves thereby helping their cause in meeting organizational objectives.
  • Helping to spot talent: Very often employees in organizations have said “I know the kind ofperson I need to help me, but...?”. It is not always easy to know the skill sets of employees in your organization. As organizations grow, it is difficult to know people at personal level. It is important for you to provide a tool that  can automatically build professional skills and background, they serve as excellent tools for those who are asking questions like above. 

    It helps the business to find the right person at the right time thereby making the life of managers and CEO’s much easy. In the end, what would have taken otherwise weeks to compile, can be completed in mere months, so long as every employee profile is rightly filled out.


As we have seen above, by employing a very simple but effective solution through a social people management tool, the organization can reap multiple benefits. This will be the first step of building an engaged workforce organization. In my subsequent blogs, let us see various other solutions that Enterprise Social Collaboration can give and its benefits to employees and organizations.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Adrenalin HCM on Cloud is set to drive the Business Transformation of Enterprises

Ajay Agarwal , Executive Vice President - Cloud at Adrenalin eSystems Limited tells us about Human Resource Management Systems on the Cloud, Adrenalin's partnership strategies and the future of HR.

Why is the Cloud so important for an enterprise?

Automation is important for an enterprise.   However cost of automation and the skill-sets required for managing that is always a deterrent for adoption.

This is where Cloud Solutions come in handy and becomes important.   It is something like a ‘ready-to-eat’ food that is available.  You only have to heat it and have it – no cooking science involved.   Adoption of Cloud-based solution is like that.  Enterprises need not have to spend elaborate time in exploring technology, fitment to environment, etc. for choosing this – they just need to validate with their business process.

Enterprise can concentrate on their core business and let technology experts deliver results.  They just need to pay-for-usage.

What are the challenges to the Cloud adoption in India?

Challenges are only in the mind.  

Today we have come a long way from where we were 10 years ago.  There is stable and almost secure connectivity.   Adoption of internet and web is not taken for granted.  Familiarity is high.  Mobile networks are widely used.

While remote parts of the country may not have internet connectivity directly, it is serviced otherwise through mobile networks (SMS, etc.), which can be effectively used for Cloud-based solutions.

What has changed in the decision making process of an enterprise?

The way business applications will have to be looked at has changed (is changing).  Enterprises do not look at it purely from ROI in rupee terms, but more in terms of business benefit terms.

Many things today are falling into hygiene factors – a must to have – from what used to be computed on business yield calculations. 

There were times few years back, when you needed to buy a Desktop in an enterprise, a yield justification had to be provided for payback of the capital expenditure.  Now no one questions the need for a desktop for an Employee, it almost is made available on the day he joins the company.

Business applications are getting there.   Enterprises are challenged every day to usher in efficiency of their workforce – they expect more to be done, by less or same workforce.  So the key is in enabling them with tools and techniques that will help them focus more on Work related activity – or possibly help them complete their task more efficiently.

Added to this is the concept of ‘work-life-balance’.  There is no denying that the Employee is also a human being and has his own needs that has to be addressed.  

The employee needs to be engaged with the Enterprise, he needs to be aligned to it.

All these factors are taking centre stage in the decision making process of an Enterprise.

How is Adrenalin different?

Adrenalin recognizes the importance of Employee in an Enterprise.  It recognizes that every Employee wants to positively contribute to the business, at the same time he has his personal needs.

Adrenalin is a single product, single domain company, focussed only in HR and Employee.  Our undivided focus on HR has enabled us to provide for each and every nuance of this department so thoroughly.

Recognizing that different industry needs are different, Adrenalin has a solution specifically for that.   Adrenalin also believes that technology should not be a deterrent for small companies and thus offers an Enterprise Class Application on the Cloud and on Mobile.

Workforce mobility is a given in today’s business.  Adrenalin is sensitive to this and enables full functionality on mobile, thereby enabling the Employee to be connected to the Enterprise and vice-versa.

Adrenalin also recognized that need for social interaction among Employees in an Enterprise, be it sharing knowledge or extending help.   Adrenalin’s Jonction serves this need as well.

Adrenalin helps Enterprise with sufficient analytics and reports to take meaningful decisions.

Adrenalin’s Go To Market Strategy

Small businesses are the under-serviced businesses in India with good technology.  The reach to them has always been a challenge.   Adrenalin’s outreach program is intended to handle this gap.  Going with the spread of IT vendors across India, Adrenalin intent is to partner with them for growth.

These IT Vendors would greatly benefit in carrying an Enterprise Class product to their under-serviced customers and provide great value to them in their business function.  By enabling partners in our offerings, Adrenalin looks for a win-win relationship.

IT partners are quickly gaining prominence with the way the Cloud is growing. Partners will soon start building their own eco-system of products on the Cloud, which they will sell to enterprises. We are looking at having about 500 partners by next year, which puts us in over 70 cities.

With dedicated support team, Adrenalin commits a promising future to these IT Vendors when it comes to offering Adrenalin-on-the-Cloud.

Adrenalin's Investment in the Cloud

As the future of enterprises is definitely in the Cloud, we do see ourselves contributing considerably to its growth.

Our intent is always to bring Enterprise Product at an affordable price to the customer at large.  We assure high-security and availability.   Keeping highly interactive and simple User Interface, we aim for higher adoption rate.  And in this regard, our investment will continue to be in expanding the Cloud-reach, technology innovation and data security.